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Plans & Pricing: Good, Better, Best

SewardWEB provides three solutions to meet the needs and budget of the Seward community. Compare the plans below and decide which one best meets your requirements.

Checkout our side-by-side feature comparison.

UNIX Basic: Our basic plan is designed for businesses, individuals and organizations who have modest web hosting needs. It is affordable, and yet offers many of the features of our more expensive plans. Why pay for more than you need? Annual Fee: $119.40 (That's $9.95 per month)

Learn more about our UNIX Basic plan.

UNIX Standard: Our standard plan is designed for people and businesses who have more demanding needs. With 5 times the disk space and bandwidth of our basic plan, our standard plan will give you the room you need to grow your web site as you see fit. This plan also offers more advanced domain name and e-mail options than our basic plan. Annual Fee: $239.40 (That's $19.95 per month)

Learn more about our UNIX Standard plan.

UNIX Premium: You simply will not find a UNIX virtual server solution with more features than our premium plan. With our premium plan you will have the tools, bandwidth and diskspace to produce virtually any web site that you can imagine. In fact, if you ever outgrow our premium plan it's probably time to buy a server of your own. Annual Fee: $479.40 (That's $39.95 per month)

Learn more about our UNIX Premium plan.

We also realize that your web site needs may grow in the future. You can upgrade plans at any time, and the full balance of your account will be applied to your new plan.

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