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Quality, Speed and Reliability.

You are your web site. On the internet your customers judge you by three things: The design of your site. The speed of your site. The reliability of your site. You control the design of your site, and we'll make sure it is as fast and reliable as possible.

Quality Servers. We only use Sun Microsystems Enterprise 250 servers running Solaris 7 for all of our hosting. With over $30,000 invested into each Sun Enterprise server, we have gone to great measures to ensure reliability first and foremost. Gold Support contracts with Sun ensure on-site support within 4 hours of reported problems, and spare parts are kept for all servers. Finally, we are running Apache 1.3.3 for HTTP service, and all SMTP servers are separated from the webservers.

Learn more about our Sun Enterprise Servers.

Quality Operating System. Since we use Sun Enterprise servers, it makes sense that we use Solaris 7 as our operating system. Solaris 7 is the first true 64-bit operating system available from Sun Microsystems. All of our servers are running Solaris 7, October 1998 release.

Quality Connectivity. Without enough bandwidth to serve all clients, all other hosting features are useless and therefore unimportant. If download time for your website is an important consideration (it should be!), then connectivity of your hosting provider is one of the most important considerations.

SewardWEB utilizes 3 separate DS-3 connections to diverse Internet carriers. Below are our upstream providers and their respective rating according to BoardWatch Magazine.*

  Provider Ranking
Primary Provider: UUNet (MCI/WorldCom) #1
Secondary Provider: Savvis Communications #4
Tertiary Provider: Frontier GlobalCenter #23

* Data collected independently by Boardwatch Magazine's Directory of Internet Service Providers, Volume III, Number 2 (Winter 1998 - Spring 1999), Page 26-29. Copyright MecklerMedia Corporation.

Quality Accountability. While we have customers all across the US, many of our local customers like the fact that they can meet the people they do business with face to face. There's a certain added accountability when you're dealing with people that you see around town. After all, you know where we live.

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