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Features: Pick the plan that's right for you.

SewardWEB provides three simple to understand plans. There are no hidden fees or obligations. You do not have to pay extra for any of our features, because they are all included in our hosting for a flat fee. Our clients have found this more convenient and easier to predict their fees because they do not change.

Our hosting solutions are continuously evolving as we add more complimentary features into our product without raising prices for existing clients. Our price freeze is one of our guarantees we make to our clients.

Below are the features we offer for our domain hosting:

      General Features Standard Deluxe Premium
Click Here   Webspace Allowed: 10 MB 50 MB 350 MB
Click Here   Bandwidth per month: 1 gig 5 gigs Unlimited
Click Here   Redundant DS3 Connections:
Click Here   Site Hosted on Sun Enterprise Webserver:
Click Here   Free Domain Name:
Click Here   Static IP Address:    
Click Here   Access to CGI-Perl (own cgi-bin directory):
Click Here   Server Side Includes:
Click Here   Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000 Support:
      E-mail Features      
Click Here   Number of POP3 Accounts: 1 1 100
Click Here   Number of Autoresponders: 0 0 Unlimited
Click Here   Number of Mail Forwarders: 5 10 Unlimited
smtp.yourdomain.com   Own SMTP Server (smtp.yourdomain.com):    
Click Here   MajorDomo Listserver:    
Click Here   Mailing List Manager:    
      FTP and Telnet Features       
Click Here   Number of FTP Accounts Allowed: 1 1 25
Click Here   Anonymous FTP Access: (ftp.yourdomain.com)    
Click Here   Telnet Access:    
      Website Statistics Features      
Click Here   Access to Apache Raw Log Files    
Click Here   Website Statistics (HTTP Analyze):    
Click Here   Graphical & Text Counters:    
Click Here   Website Reporter:    
Click Here   Wusage Site Statistics:    
      Website Authoring Features      
Click Here   Miva Engine 3.50:
Click Here   ShockWave:
Click Here   Number of mySQL Databases Allowed: 0 0 5
Here   PHP 3.0:
Click Here   Python 1.5:
      Advanced Features      
Click Here   Sub-Domains Allowed (sub.yourdomain.com): 0 0 25
Click Here   The Personal Control Panel 3.0:    
Click Here   InfoChat Java Chatroom:    
Click Here   Real Networks G2 (Streaming):    
Click Here   Password Manager:    
Click Here   Bulletin Board:    
Click Here   ConferenceRoom Chat Application:    
      E-commerce Possibilities      
Click Here   Full Access to Anonymous SSL Server:    
Click Here   Hassan Shopping Cart:    
      Protective Features      
Click Here   Price Freeze Guarantee:
Click Here   99.5% Uptime Guarantee:
Click Here   Daily Tape Back-ups of all Files
Click Here   APC UPS Power Failure Backups:
      Pricing Structure      
  Annual Fee: $119.40 $239.40 $479.40
  Monthly Equivalent: $9.95 $19.95 $39.95
  Setup Fee: $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

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