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Rock in a Box

We still occasionally find odd little treasures in the boxes of Marxhausen donation. A box that mostly had old pipe organ pipes might also contain a little metal sculpture. A box of mosaic tiles could also have a little bit of poetry.

A matchbox turned up last week. I noticed that it had a little scrap of paper in it, so I put it off to the side. I wish I would have seen it earlier. This would have made a good Halloween post.

The Rock from the Rock in a Box is either long gone, or waiting to turn up in some other unsuspecting place, but the parable inside the box remains. You can read it for yourself below.

Okay, maybe that picture is a bit too small. Honestly, the paper is ridiculously tiny. See that quarter for scale? The text on the paper is smaller than “In God We Trust”. Grab a quarter and see how small that is. Where do you have something like this printed in 1970?

Anyone know anything about the Rock in a Box? Was this the Halloween treat for the following year? Did anyone get a rock?