Fish Town


This piece was made available thanks to a generous donation from the family of Reinhold Marxhausen. Proceeds from the sale of this piece will go toward improving the classrooms and playground of St. John Child Development Center or toward Concordia University’s Center for Liturgical Art‘s effort to restore Reinhold Marxhausen’s Studio.

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This signed and dated watercolor was painted in Lelend, Michigan in July of 1948. See photo gallery below for studies from that trip and a news clipping. It was previously inventoried as #134.

Marxhausen did a series of paintings in Leland Michigan in the summer of 1948 right after he got out of the service.  Several preliminary sketches of this final piece also exist.  From an old newspaper clipping, “Last summer Reinhold hitch-hiked through Michigan in true gypsy fashion and, whenever he saw something which interested him, he got our his water colors and went to work… He has unusual artistic gifts in his choice of colors and ability to make the subject of his brushes live with expression and feeling… his work has been good enough that people have been willing to pay up to $30 for some of the water color works he has painted.” A limited number of giclée prints are available of this piece.

Additional information

Dimensions 17 × 11.125 in

Contact Lloyd Sommerer at (402) 817-9895 with any questions or for more information about this piece.