The family of Doris and Reinhold Marxhausen have donated many pieces of art to St. John Church, where the Marxhasuens were members, and to Concordia's Center for Liturgical Art, which is located on the site of the Marxhausen home. Proceeds from the sale of these pieces will be used to restore the original Marxhausen Studio and to improve the playground and classrooms at the St. John Child Development Center.

You're probably here to see the art, but you might also be interested in these other related sites: Red Path Gallery in Seward, Nebraska is where we show the pieces in person. If you are ever in the area, stop by. Karl Marxhausen maintains The Moss Creek Journal where he talks about his art, his father's art and art in general. The Marxhausen family website has an archive of Reinhold and Dorris material including photos and video. Josh Duncan has a site dedicated to Reinhold Marxhausen's artwork. There is a Reinhold Marxhausen Fanclub on Facebook, where people discus his work. You can also signup for new show announcements.

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4 works of art by Reinhold Marxhausen