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Why SewardWEB: Think Global. Act Local.

Think Global. With web design & hosting firms all over the world to choose from, why would you pick SewardWEB? We encourage you to compare our services to our competition throughout the world. We think you will be favorably impressed with the quality and value that we offer.

Act Local. But we do have one advantage that other companies lack. We offer professional, personal, face to face service. When you've got questions, or want to discus a new idea for your web site we're available. Sure you can also reach us be e-mail, phone and fax, but sometimes its more effective to talk to the people you work with.

Working for your business. A website is the digital form of your business. If it looks sloppy, your business is sloppy. If it looks incomplete, your business is incomplete. A poorly done, ugly, hastily thrown together, insecure, unreliable, or otherwise mediocre website reflects directly on your business. At SewardWEB we want to ensure that your website reflects favorably on you.

Site Design: We work with you from start to finish in order to decide on the form and function of your web site. Sure your web site has to look professional, but if it is not helping you accomplish your goals then it is a waste of money. We'll work with you to set outcome oriented goals for your web site, and then design a site to meet those goals

Read more about our web site design services.

Site Hosting: We work with you to decide which of our three hosting plans will best meet your needs. And if those needs change in the future we will upgrade you seamlessly to the plan you need. Whether you're just starting out, or an old pro we've got the hosting solution for you.

Read more about our Design Philosophy.

Webmaster Services: For those of you who need someone to maintain your site after it is up and running. Need someone to update the pages or change the graphics? Submit your site to search engines or create a custom CGI application? We'll make sure your site is always ready for your customers. [Currently available only in conjunction with our hosting or design services]

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