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Design Philosophy: form follows function

Goals. At SewardWEB we believe that the design of your site follows directly from the goals that you have for your site. What you want to accomplish on the internet determines what type of site we build for you.

Do you need some help determining goals? We're ready to help you every step of the way. You can sign up for a free --no obligation-- consultation to get the ball rolling.

Function. Once we know your goals for your web site we'll give you some options to accomplish those goals. We'll talk about categorizing the information you want to present. We'll go over your options for making your site a useful and interactive experience for your visitors and your business.

Concepts. Once we know how your web site will function we work with you to develop a layout that matches your needs. Maybe you know what you want you site to look like already? Maybe you'd like a site that is similar to one you've seen before? Or maybe you want a us to create something unique for you? In every case we work with you closely so that the final site matches your expectations.

Content. We go over the advertising or other promotional material you are currently using, and help you adapt if for use on your web site. We work with you to develop the illustrations, photos and/or logos to be used on your site. We assist in developing appropriate written copy to establish the message you want to project. We research competitive businesses to be sure that your web site is a leader in your field.

SewardWEB Designed Sites Are:

  • Easy to Use. We are familiar with the standards of web design, and make sure that people who visit your site can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Functional. Your site should be more than a fancy brochure, it should be a tool for your business.
  • Professional. Your web site will reflect your business, and convey the message you want to present.
  • Browser Compatible. It doesn't do you much good to have a great site that only 25% of the world can see. Our sites are functional and attractive in nearly all browsers (99%+).
  • Search Engine Friendly. We create sites that can easily be found by your customers.
  • Quick Loading. We use graphics intelligently, so that people see your site in a timely manner.


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