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What are your options?

Option, Options, Options. You probably didn't know that there were this many companies designing web sites in Nebraska. And you probably didn't expect us to tell you about them either. Why do we? We like to work with people who know their options and make informed decisions.

Where do I start? Look over the web sites of the companies listed below. Do they have a quality web site? If they have a well done site, chances are they can create one for you as well. Look at other sites that they have done. Do they create sites that appeal to you? Keep price in mind as well. Some of the sites you'll see cost $250.00 and some cost $25,000.00. No matter who you work with, make sure you get what you pay for.

What's next? If you've already had your free consultation with us, then you have a copy of our Web Site Development Worksheets. (If you haven't, what are you waiting for?) Pick out a few of the firms listed below that appeal to you, fax them your worksheets and ask them for a quote. Give them a few days to get back to you, and be ready for a few phone calls (they'll probably want to ask you some questions).

Finally? Make your decision. At this point you know about what you want from your web site. You've heard from a few companies and know what they can deliver and what it will cost. You should have enough information to reach a decision. But if you want a somewhat biased opinion on each company's proposal, give us a call; we'd be glad to go over them and help you compare.

The Listings: Firms are grouped geographically, and arranged alphabetically within each region. Keep in mind that these descriptions are how each company describes itself, and listing a company does not imply that we necessarily endorse it. [Each link opens a new window for easier comparison]

Seward & surrounding communities:

Jeramy Phillips Design believes in professional, simple solutions to make your web presence a high performance tool to your success. With tools for Web design, graphic editing and the experience you need, let us help you make your presence a home run.

SewardWEB Think global. Act Local. SewardWEB offers professional, affordable web site design and hosting for Seward Nebraska and surrounding communities. We work with you every step of the way to accomplish your goals on the Internet. (But you're here, so you knew that already)

Telfast Communications Inc. has a complete package of web design and hostings plans available that can be tailored to suit the needs of your individual business.

Lincoln & surrounding communities:

ACTONet for e-commerce solutions. We provide customized e-commerce solutions to meet your companies needs; web design, web hosting, back-end programming.

Anna's Web Design, web design, marketing, market, internet, consulting, design, create, build, website

Aura Web Media offers Internet services and solutions for the small to medium enterprise as well as the enterprising individual or organization.

Atos Computers Business Services [no description available]

Cepter Interprises LLC - One important thing to realize when deciding on a company to design your web site is that it takes a lot more than a web page to make a site what it needs to be. Anyone can make a web page - it takes experience, knowledge, skill and foresite to design a web site that will suit your company's needs.

Community Connections develops and operates Internet services tailored to that city or region's specific identity, needs and issues. These services include locally-focused Internet Web sites, which serve as the local online resource for community news, information, entertainment and commerce, as well as Internet access services.

Cornhusker.Net we specialize in developing turnkey web database applications and dynamic, data-driven websites. Our goal is to develop web-based client-server applications with functionality and aesthetic interface design. Above all, we strive to bring maximum value to our clients at the minimum cost.

Digital h2o award-winning web site design, web site development, web site marketing promotion, web site hosting, secure e-commerce catalogs, domain name reservation services.

Information Analytics, Inc. provides software design, consulting, web page and database design, and other Internet-related services.

Internet Nebraska can design high quality web pages that will convey your message to your customers. Internet Nebraska was the first Internet service provider in Lincoln, and we have the experience necessary to take your business to the next level, and sell your products and services worldwide

Peak Creations provides effective design strategies and solutions to companies wanting to successfully make their presence known on the world wide web. We use our knowledge and creativity to offer you the best opportunity to produce the most effective web solution, that fits your companies needs.

Pixel Visions - You now have the opportunity to enhance your business image in more ways than you can imagine. Pixel Visions is a Design Studio for all your needs.

Prochnow & Co. [no description available]

SLIDE ARTS GRAPHIC DESIGN If you need help, no matter where you go, if you are willing to spend some bucks, chances are somebody's gonna have what you need. So, why look us over? Maybe it's because of the people. Maybe it's 'cause we have a basketball hoop in our office... and why IS that surfboard in the corner? (We ARE from Nebraska!)

Snitily/Carr Production Group Nothing says "21st century" like a Web site that rocks! (Even if your company is the most conservative firm in the U.S., a boring Web site is a marketing no-no.) From simple to spectacular, whatever your budget, our team of designers, programmers, and animators will bring your company to life on the Net.

Stu Reilly Design - Professional and affordable web site design, graphic design and web marketing services.

TDM Software and Consulting - We specialize in assisting companies of all sizes develop and maintain a professional presence on the World-Wide Web.

Techné Design - Established in 1999. Techné offers a range of Web design and Internet consultation services, from logo design to site maintenance. We are a small design firm dedicated to providing personal service, creative design, and functional results to our clients.

VisionDirect offers a complete line of webdesign options. Along with high-speed internet access and individual office e-mail accounts, let us show you how to professionally showcase your business world-wide. We can offer designs ranging from simply providing valuable information for your customers to full e-commerce solutions.

WebKraze Web Page Design - Lincoln, Nebraska. Local Web Page Design, Development and Solutions for your Personal, Professional, or Commercial Web Site, Web Site Design, Web Site Hosting, Web Site Assistance, URL Submissions, HTML, CGI, Perl, JAVA, JavaScript, Local Free Assistance for Karaoke Addicts and Hosts.

Norfolk, Columbus & surrounding communities:

Advanced Computer Solutions specializes in professional looking, business quality web pages. We can turn your company logo, colors and trademarks into computer graphics usable on your web page. We will work with you to make sure that your message has the impact that you expect.

McGee Designs - Combining years of experience with a complete package of Internet services for businesses to reach their international, national and local markets

Midwest Internet Designs. If you need a web page, we have the experience and talent to develop one for you--whether it be for your business, your family or your organization.

Power Unlimited - Aggressive Northeast Nebraska computer company, providing custom built computer, support, service, repair and upgrade.

Shockra multimedia & design studios. We specialize in web design, site design, multimedia, kiosk, plugins, flash, shockwave, metastream, explorer, navigator, quicktime, studio, 3D animation, 3D design, multimedia design, cutting edge, 3D web, solutions, interactivity, and metastream 3.

TechConnect offers professional business to business and business to consumer ecommerce solutions for midsize businesses featuring asp, internet marketing, database integration, SQL, JavaScript, and HTML.

Web Solutions will create a business or personal web site for you and promote it for World Wide Web viewing. At Web Solutions, you will have the benefits of professional programming and graphic art on your web site.

WebWizard Productions is an innovative, full service, Internet design team. WebWizard Productions is committed to client satisfaction. Our attention to quality, satisfaction and professionalism has helped us achieve and maintain longstanding business relationships.

Omaha & surrounding communities:

Achala [no description available]

Affordable Web Space Design offers first-rate Web site development and hosting for small and home-based businesses, as well as custom Perl CGI scripting.

Alagosa Business Services specializes in assisting home-based and small businesses with a variety of services, including website design and maintenance, desktop publishing, word-processing and database design and maintenance. We are prepared to assist your company either on an ongoing basis or with that one-time special project.

Ann Graphics - Graphic design, web site design and desktop publishing services.

Bellevue Data Communications, Inc. is a Nebraska corporation specializing in internet and information technology. We have been providing communications technology solutions since 1989.

Crescent Moon Web Design - Whether you want some fine tuning or a fully-interactive eCommerce site built from the ground up, we can help. We've done full designs--from "this is what we want" to an operating online business place--for startup companies with no previous experience and can help you avoid many of the bumps along the way!

DJ Enterprises is dedicated in providing its customers with an internet marketing service to help enhance their business. We will help design a site on the internet to introduce your company to new and existing customers so that your business will expand and create a positive financial gain for you.

Fusion Entertainment Entertainment's design team has the expertise to develop a full range of interactive web applications. From a basic informational website to a high end e-commerce site with all the "bells and whistles." We work with our clients to design a site that best meets your needs, budget, and time frame!

Global Lynx - If you are Interested in becoming a presence on the Web, Global Lynx can create, publish and maintain your Web site for you!

GravityOne electronic commerce, online catalogs, internet services for Omaha, Gretna, and Lincoln Nebraska.

Gryphon's Gate [no description available]

HeartFire Communications provides eCOMMERCE and other web sites that WORK to small businesses and corporations.

HomeSalesGuru.com. Web design and hosting for real estate professionals. Design it yourself or hire a professional. This site will help you make the right choice.

Hype Sites is a web design and management firm located in Omaha, Nebraska. We are experienced professionals that provide excellent service to companies around the world.

interBUG Web Marketing And Design offers a wide variety of network services to individuals and businesses at a low cost. We are able to work with any budget level to get you on the net.

Internet Business Solutions Inc. Providing businesses with professional turn key solutions! Web site design, development, hosting, secure online transaction systems and marketing. Have the vision to reach millions online!

I.S. Connect Group [no description available]

JoeInfo.com designs and hosts small-business web pages for just 39 dollars per month.

k2concepts.com, inc. - -Omaha, Nebraska web design and web hosting

Lillethorup Productions, Inc. is a full service communications company. Our services include print design, video production, CD-ROM production, digital video and web site development. We are experienced thinkers. People who can create not only with our minds, but also with our eyes, ears and our feel for the audience.

Mitec Internet Services - Omaha, Nebraska based ISP (internet service provider) offers PPP / ISDN dial-up access, DSL high speed access, web site hosting, design and maintenance.

Money Tree Systems - Web Design for small business and professionals

NebWeb Design - Quality web design at low prices.

netavalanche.com [no description available]

NuSite is proud to be an internet solutions provider with professional web development, marketing and administration services. We have expanded our line of services to become your full-resource Internet solution.

Omaha Webs. Attract qualified traffic through website strategy development, well-crafted hand registrations, search engine optimization, and promotion to industry and regional directories.

Onsite Solutions offers an affordable internet solution for all your web site needs. Services and packages include web design, hosting, marketing, search engine registration, virtual tours, and technical support.

Personal PC Consultants. If your company is looking for an Internet Business Solution, you already know there is no shortage of companies ready to slap together a web page template with your company's name and put it on the Internet for several hundred dollars. Personal PC Consultants takes the time to get to know the businesses of our clients.

Prolinx Communications Inc. [no description available]

QSM - eCommunications: Effectively communicate your business' message to a growing online market through creatively designed web sites. Our consultants will help you every step of the way from selecting a domain name, designing your web site, to promoting it online.

Radiks Internet Access Any Joe with a GUI can "Drag and Drop" you a web site, but if you want professional quality and results, you need a professional developer to ensure that your site reaches the largest market available. Internet Marketing Services offers full service Web Site design, development, consulting, hosting, and Internet marketing services.

Suiteone.com [no description available]

SOHO'S Net offers quality development for your Web site. Our developers use the most advanced designing tools and programs to create useful, easy to download and attractive sites.

The Desktop Ad Shop. Omaha web site designers that specialize in helping small and medium size businesses.

To the Extreme is a Web development team dedicated to designing high quality pages and helping businesses lay claim to their piece of internet real estate. Combining compelling content, design, and structure with just the right amount of flair, we work with you to create a site for your company that is functional and attractive for anyone who visits.

Virtual Impressions - Our goal is to provide our clients with the perfect solution for their website. We are able to do as much, or as little, as our clients want.

WireBuilt - Creative and Professional Website Design and Listing Solutions

Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney & surrounding communities:

Business Internet Tech Systems (BITS) is the Central and Western Nebraska Internet service provider that can give you and your business the complete Internet solution.

cnWeb.com Quality Web Hosting in Hastings Nebraska - Web Hosting, Web Design, Web Marketing, eCommerce, One-Stop Web Presence Shop

GX Concepts With the finest hosting and development tools available, GX Concepts can help businesses to deliver the best that the Internet has to offer.

Internet USA, L.L.C. South Central Nebraska's Internet Service Provider.

KDS Internet - A KDSI webmaster will custom design a web site that reflects the unique aspects of your business for a one-of-a-kind presence on the Internet. We can work with your current logos and graphics or create a new image for your company.

Webworks Ltd. Inc. offers web design and hosting at affordable prices. Plans available for any budget. Contact us about designing a new site, or for redesigning and/or hosting existing web sites.

North Platte & surrounding communities:

Janet's Web Page Planet where GREAT pages are happening for Northeast Nebraska and the world! For professional, good looking pages on the Web, contact Janet's Planet!

Online Action is a web development company based in Nebraska. Developing a wide array of business and personal sites in the midwest.

Pinpoint Communications, Inc. [no description available]

Tanweb - Offering high quality web page design, web site hosting on both UNIX and Windows NT servers, graphic design, and internet consulting services.

The Art Cottage Professional website development, Free Graphics, 200+ HTML Bookmark resources, layout and Photoshop tips, marketing tools & links and custom web creation, GIF animation and graphic design!

Scottsbluff & surrounding communities:

Inventive Media Networx - Internet service and web site design and programming in Wyoming and Nebraska: ISDN, DSL, wireless, hosting, programming, and graphic design.

Panhandle Computer Arts is a web site development and graphic design company located in Alliance Nebraska. We specialize is web site for small businesses using a team approach.

Web Touch. Web Pages are being built for home and business use everyday and I'll be glad to get yours started too.


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