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Hosting Services: options to meet your needs.

Option, Options, Options. As a consumer of hosting services, there is no doubt that you have a wide variety of different organizations with different options to choose from. With over 12,000 pure hosting providers today, Tier-1 network providers who supplement their core business with hosting applications, and small ISPs; the options are quite large.

How do you choose? With so many options, how do you choose the provider that is best for you? If you have a full time web guru on your staff then the answer is simple, tell them what you want to do and in a few days they will have sifted through the choices and come back with one that will work best for you.

No Guru? No Problem. But what if you don't have someone on staff to sift through the choices for you? Here at SewardWEB we've done most of that work for you. We've designed three packages to meet the needs and budget of any organization in the Seward area. When you look at an web hosting company there are three things to consider: Quality, Features and Price.

Quality. On the internet quality means two things: Speed and Reliability. At SewardWEB all of our sites are hosted on Sun Microsystems Enterprise 250 Webservers running Solaris 7 as our operating system. Amazon.com, eBay, Charles Shwab, and other Internet reliant companies choose the Sun Enterprise solution for their web servers. These quick, reliable servers utilizes 3 separate DS-3 connections to diverse Internet carriers. That means you'll always have the bandwidth you need, when you need it.

Learn more about SewardWEB's quality and reliability.

Features. At SewardWEB we know that not everyone needs or wants the same features. Below is a small sample of the different features you can choose from.

  • Upto 350 meg of web space
  • Upto 100 pop e-mail accounts
  • Upto 25 FTP accounts
  • Real™ G2 streaming audio & video servers
  • Flash™ & Shockwave™
  • Virtual subdomains
  • CGI: Perl 5, PHP 3, SSI, Miva, Python 1.5
  • Microsoft FrontPage™ 2000
  • Telnet access
  • MySQL database servers

See the incredible list of features we offer.

Price. At SewardWEB we have a three tear pricing structure designed to meet the needs of everyone in the Seward community. We offers a large variety of features to all clients, regardless of which hosting plan you choose. All features included under each plan are complimentary -- there are no hidden fees! We encourage you to look around at other webhosting providers. While their prices may start out less than $10.00 per month, by the time you add all of the features you want a la carte, their prices often exceed ours.

Basic Plan: $119.40 per year ($9.95/month) Virtual domain name and e-mail address, 10 meg of disk space, your own cgi-bin directory and ftp account.
Standard Plan: $239.40 per year ($19.95/month) Your own domain name and e-mail address with e-mail forwarding, 50 meg of disk space, your own cgi-bin directory and ftp account plus PHP 3, Miva.
Deluxe Plan: $479.40 per year ($39.95/month) Your own domain and upto 25 subdomains, 100 pop e-mail accounts, unlimited e-mail forwarding, 350 meg of disk space, 25 ftp accounts plus many site development and promotion tools.

Examine each plan in more detail.

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