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Custom Programming:

Custom Programming. Do you have an idea that could streamline the way you do business, but can't find an "off the shelf" application that does what need? Let us help with write the program that you're thinking of.

We've written a variety of software, and can help you with the software that your business needs. Even if you're not exactly sure what you need, we an talk over what you want to do and find a solution that fits. We've even met with businesses that were able save money by using off the shelf programs that they were not aware of.

Here are some examples of programs we've written:

A payroll processing program that integrate hundreds of thousands of records into weekly payrolls totaling over 12 million dollars.

A windows utilities that is in use by over 4,500 people around the world.

A custom calculation program that integrates with other data to streamline business processes.

Many CGI (internet) programs that enhance business productivity and customer satisfaction.

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