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No Trip Charges. We're local, so there's no trip charge that can range from $50 to $100 for someone to come from Lincoln or Omaha. You're probably well aware that for many problems two (or more) trip charges are involved. One to come to Seward and diagnose your problem and another to return a week or two later with the solution.

No Wasted Trips. For many home computer users, there's no way to get someone from Lincoln to make a service call during the evening. You have to make at least two trips into Lincoln to get your computer running (one trip to bring it in and another to retrieve it after they are finished). And many times you return home to find that although your computer worked fine"in the shop" it is still not working at your home.

No Markup. At SewardWEB we are not in the hardware/software business. We simply provide service. As such, we'll help you find the best deal on the equipment you need for repairs or upgrades. We'll even order it for you if you like, but there are never any markups.

$60.00 per hour. That's our standard rate. It's halfway between what our Plumber charges and what our Lawyer charges, and is comparable to (and in some cases quite a bit less than) the same service from Lincoln. Many upgrades take less than an hour to complete, and we're always willing to provide an estimate after we understand your needs.

Service Contracts. Frequently our clients ask us to provide continuing service. The consistency and stability of such an arrangement allows us to offer our services at a greatly reduced rate (25% off or more).

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