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On-Site Service:

On-Site Service. When your computers go down, we understand that you need help quickly. No need to take your computer apart and bring it to us. We'll come to you --without a trip charge from Lincoln.

Problems: Most of the time we can diagnose your problem on-site. On those few occasions when we can't we'll disconnect your computer and take it to our workbench. From there we can let you know within 24 hours what the problem is.

After your problem is diagnose, we'll present various options for fixing the problem, and assist you in ordering any needed parts (or you can order the parts yourself if you prefer). When your parts arrives we then install it and reconnect your computer.

Upgrades: Need more memory or a new hard drive? We can help you find one cheaply and install it for you. If you're not sure what you need, but you know that you want to speedup (or expand) your computer, we tell you your options and what you get from each upgrade.

Installation: Do you have new software, and need help installing it? We can walk you through the installation process, so that your software works correctly and so that you can complete any installation yourself in the future.

Training: We're familiar with many common software packages, and can provide one on one or group training. Our trainer has a degree in education, and has taught in both group and individual settings for businesses, schools and organizations. We understand how to make computers accessible.

Consultation: Sometimes you just need to ask some questions. Whether you're evaluating software packages or trying to decide about a new computer, sometimes you just need someone to talk to who can translate "computereez" into English.

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