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Network Administration:

Network Administration. Are computers becoming an integral part of your organization? Do you need someone to help with planning, acquisition, installation and maintenance? Many local businesses have similar needs, but can't dedicate the resources for a full time computer person. We can help.

Our network administrators have degrees in computer science and an average of over 9 years of experience. Whether you need someone for a one time consultation on a specific project or someone to take care of all of your organization's computer needs, we can provide the expertise and save you money. Below are some of the services we can provide:

Network Expansion. Whether you're adding a single computer or a new building, we can wire it into your existing network. We do most of our network wiring after business hours, so you have as little down time as possible.

Network Upgrades. If your computing needs have expanded over the years, but your network infrastructure has not then your network may be a bottle neck effecting the performance of all of your computers. We can give you options for upgrading your network.

Data Backup. Is the data necessary to keep your business running stored safely? How much time (and money) would it take to rebuild that data in the event of an emergency? If your building burns down, is your data stored in another location? We can help you design and implement a backup strategy suited to your business.

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